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   Live at Quendel
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   Sections 1-6
   August; Snow; Pieces


the other release was for absurd a surprise and I must admit that it was one of these that set the hq on fire. am referring to gareth mitchell’s (aka philosopher’s stone) “section” lp. to tell you the truth I was unfamiliar with his work and by the time I had the press release mailed a month or so ago, decided to pick up a copy mostly out of curiosity rather than I was expecting something that will sent me fly or so. all I knew is that gareth’s amp’s guitarist, and I wasn’t so much into amp or that sort of “post rock” style, compared to other friends who do. especially when I saw that he had 2 previously releases on kranky then I was sure that the what was presented to be a masterpiece would have been a usual post rock thing & that ers were simply exaggerating things to attract their listeners/ customers. but luckily I was wrong! by the time I had the pickup placed on the vinyl I found myself staying flabbergasted and listen the obscurities that were spewn out of the loudspeakers. a record that WAS really experimental by all means of the term! divided in 6 sections (3 per side) this recording shows a guy that’s really searching new grounds in what he’s doing and compared to others, who simply reach a point of their talent and then start repeating it, tries to create & expand his own vocabulary, a detail that makes this record purely original. and I do know that some of you might say that I’m overeacting, etc. is hard for someone to believe that a guy who plays the guitar in a sort of post rock group or so can be so inventive and original in such grounds, but there are always luminary examples, mind you for instance will sergeant’s “the grind” masterpiece of early 80’s, a totally “out” record by the guitarist of echo & the bunnymen, and is not the only example. needless to say that since this experience his previous “apparatus” cd on kranky will soon find its way to my pbx as I’ve heard from a close friend who knows what I listen that is more than my cup of tea & ass kicking too, and also he told me that his debut (on kranky) as well is impressive & worth checking out as well… if you’re looking for a really impressive record then don’ t hesitate to check out. expect to hear more of his work!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vital Weekly

Gareth Mitchell, a.k.a. Philosopher's Stone presents six new tracks on this 12". This one is quite different from the one by Crawl Unit, because the sound seems more digital in nature. Using very high and low frequencies, Mitchell is tempting the listener to appreciate all sounds equally. Soft or loud, high or low, all sounds are part of the same musical structure and therefore of the same importance. In a way, this work seems more distanced, maybe due to the (digital) nature of the sound, but probably more so because of the intention of the composer. Events are pretty stretched out in time, giving the listener more opportunity to fully appreciate the audio, but at the same time restricting the atmospheric quality. Which is very much OK. As is this record. (MR)


Gareth Mitchell - Sections 1-6 (ERS)

Sehr digital klirrige Ausstellungssteromusik, mal offenherzig glasig, dann wieder mit Knuspertüten-Effekt-Affekten. Musik jedenfalls, die das heimische Wohnzimmer in einen High-Class Whitecube verwandelt, in dem das einsame Powerbook generativ vor sich hin Solo spielen darf.